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My name is Fabio Delfino and I was born in a small town close to Monza in 1992. I first studied as an accountant, to finally find my true passion in photography. Living minute by minute, during my days at the university I could not rely on anything else than myself to afford a living and carry out my studies. It has been an intense and burdensome period of my life, led by the quest for independence, self-determination, and the commitment of not being a burden for a family in a tough financial situation. When I was a photography student, I used to work at Mc Donald’s every morning, then running to school to attend classes, and finally taking pictures during night events to save up some money for the photo equipment. Working in the night helped me develop my personality as a photographer, observing the human nature in its most vibrant expressions. Through stubbornness and willpower, I managed to succeed in my goal of becoming a photojournalist. Six months in India were enough to turn my life upside down. Cultures and colors flooded abruptly into my photography and into myself. Once back in town, I presented my work in India in an exhibition called “Lightness” at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milano, which brought me to get in touch with the general public. I am now working as a photojournalist for Lapresse, preparing several photo shoots per day for national newspapers as Corriere della Sera and several digital press companies.

Photography for me is to be able to represent a moment, to capture the instant and to convey the emotion of this instant.
I love naturalness, I do not want to be a simple spectator of that instant, I want to get in, trying to create empathy with those are in front of me so that those who look at my photos can feel the same emotions.”

Fabio Delfino